Successful Stories

Coaching with Thomas McCormack was a rich and rewarding experience. Besides being incredibly open and approachable, he served as a wonderful coach, enabling me to realize my true potential and deliver on it. Before my first coaching session, I felt rather anxious about the future and unsure about how I would pursue my goals.

However, following my first meeting with Thomas, I began to gain clarity and awareness about my mental hurdles and the means I could follow to overcome them. It was through Thomas’ thought-provoking questions, calm presence & coaching style that I gained my first step towards living independently in a new city in a different continent by getting my first job and stepping out of a bubble of privilege and security provided by a well-off family.

Coaching motivated me to do the scary thing – to take risks, make connections and helped me realize that we grow into our best selves by investing in our dreams and never giving up, no matter how bleak things might seem. It has given me the drive to be a go-getter, hustle and translate my dreams into reality.

Sambhavi, Journalist

Before I met Thomas I had some issues in my life regarding relationships, last relationships, sexuality, loss and career guidance.

Over the last few years, I had lost some close family members, I had a bad break up, I changed jobs, house and suffered from anxiety. I was happy but I had a lot of stuff built up inside, I was always the one to be there for others, be a listener but somehow along the way I lost myself a little. I found it difficult opening up to people, especially with my family or my partner. Some days my anxiety was really tough to deal with but I kept it inside - which did not help! One day I woke up and thought maybe if I talk to a complete stranger maybe, just maybe, this will help! 

I’d heard about Thomas through a mutual friend & I decided to get in touch. He was excellent at organizing a time and a location that would suit me. When we met I was welcomed by a friendly smile, Thomas made me feel completely comfortable from the beginning to end. He opened the session by giving me a brief understanding of himself and why he does the work he does.

I discussed with Thomas some challenges I was facing and over the few sessions he gave me exercises or methods to use, which successfully worked out for the better. He kept track of each session and I knew exactly how I was progressing. He believed in me, so I began to believe in myself. Now months on, I am at the highest peak of happiness, my anxiety levels have decreased & I am able to communicate a lot better now with those close to me. I would recommend Thomas to anyone, especially someone who needs support & guidance dealing with difficult times or challenges in their lives. 

I know for sure if I ever find myself in this situation again I will be in contact with Thomas again.

Jen, Nurse

I felt very comfortable through the sessions with Thomas, it felt like more of a conversation more than a coaching session, which really put me at ease. I felt I could literally be whatever I wanted to be leaving his sessions, it gave me a great feeling about myself and how no goal is unreachable if I wanted it. The sessions gave me realistic and achievable plans, that made my bigger goals seem more obtainable. As a result of the coaching with Thomas I will be opening my own business in August 2018and this is certainly on the merit of the newfound self-worth discovered during these sessions. I don’t think I would be in the position that I am in right now, opening my own business if I had not gone to the coaching sessions with Thomas - definitely not so soon. I would certainly recommend Thomas to anyone at a crossroads in their life or someone that is looking to enhance their own self-belief. Thomas inspires you to “become the best version of you”.

Rachel, Business Owner

Starting out, I didn't know fully what to expect from the coaching sessions with Thomas, but I found that I really enjoyed them. I didn't have any particular agenda but found that the conversations with Thomas helped me to identify and focus on areas that I wanted to develop, but that I wouldn't have identified on my own. Thomas is very personable, and has a great ability to encourage you to comfortably talk through and explore ideas and to help determine simple steps to start to move towards goals. This means you leave the sessions in a positive frame of mind, with actions identified to help you achieve your objectives. 

I would happily refer friends and would advise anyone that finds themselves caught in a rut to take advantage of the services Thomas provides. 

Fergal, Technology Consultant

I met Thomas in June 2017. I was working in the same company for 5 years and I was really unhappy with my job. I had no idea what else I could do. After being in the same job for so long, it’s always hard to change. I was completely lost – and then I got a phone call for an interview to work in a big tech company in Dublin. Luckily it was in the same week I had my first coaching session with Thomas. From day one, he was really professional and helpful. We had around 5 coaching sessions in total and I’d definitely do it again if I felt I needed it. In the end, I got the job in the tech company and I also referred a friend to Thomas who also was really happy working with him. It was certainly worth it. Nowadays I am more sure and confident about my professional potential.

Wanilo, Social Media Strategist

I have never considered or given any thought whatsoever to the idea of life coaching before, and after partaking in life coaching sessions with Thomas I now wonder why anybody would disregard or fail to explore this incredible opportunity of self-discovery. Sometimes you need that person in your life that will ask the right questions, make you pause and think, and let you make your own decisions with the most crystal clear vision. Meeting with Thomas for a life coaching session is like meeting with a friend for a coffee - except it's a friend with the power and experience to make you reflect so hard on your life, goals and aspirations through casual (albeit smartly tactical) conversation that you walk away from each session feeling like you're ready to walk out onto Grafton Street with the power and abilities to achieve everything you've ever wanted, and more. 

Roxana, Business Student

I felt really comfortable during the sessions with Thomas. I could talk freely without feeling as though I was being judged about what I was talking about. Leaving the first session I felt overwhelmed as it had brought a lot up, but in a good way - I felt happy. As time went on, I realised that I was more focused. Things that we had spoken about really began to sink in and make sense. Thomas helped me paint a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to achieve.

I already have recommended Thomas to some of my friends. It was such a positive experience, I really feel he could help so many people.

To describe Thomas in one sentence would be difficult. However, he is one of the most positive optimistic people I have had the pleasure to meet in my life and that attitude is truly infectious.

Adrienne, Secondary Teacher

I felt extremely comfortable with Thomas and there was never an awkward moment while in his company. Thomas makes you feel at ease at all times and while it was my first time ever meeting Thomas I felt as though we had been friends for a long time. 

I felt safe telling Thomas my plans, goals and of course my worries and troubles which if I'm being honest is something I find difficult to tell my closest friends at times. He is extremely approachable and listened to what I had to say. He didn't judge or make comments but he did pose questions to make me think deeper about my choices or thoughts and even though it might not have been what I wanted to think about or answer at the time it really did help me to highlight where I was going wrong. There was never any time constraints and he was willing to stay as long as I needed which is refreshing. 

After the session with Thomas I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt he understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to go and I wasn't afraid to tell him my fears or how I was feeling which is something I often struggle to tell my closest friends and family.

I felt reassured that I was doing the right thing for myself and that I had to look after myself and try not to always please others. The sessions with Thomas certainly made a difference to me. I found the coaching session to be extremely beneficial and I don't believe it will be my last time going for life coaching. I think from time to time we need a session to keep ourselves grounded. I would have no problem recommending Thomas to anyone. He is fantastic at what he does. 

Thomas' coaching session was like using a sat nav, you know where you want to go but sometimes you just need some reassurance and encouragement to help you reach your destination. 

Paula, Teacher

The overall experience with Thomas was very positive. I would certainly use Thomas again as a coach and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help in their life regardless of how small you think it may be. Thomas has an excellent way with people and obviously enjoys coaching because he showed great enthusiasm and interest in what my goals were and in how to help me achieve them. This is invaluable in a coach in my opinion!! Simply put, he listens, helps you to establish the “problem” and then applies his coaching skills to help you find the best way for you to deal with your situation.

Mark, Business Student

I ran into Thomas one night, a few years after having been at college with him. We had a casual catch up and he mentioned that he was training to be a “Life Coach”, I said ‘I could do with a bit of that’ half joking and Thomas said that he’d give me a shout when he was qualified, had more experience & that he’d give me a complimentary session. I completely forgot about that chat we had.

Earlier this year, I experienced one of the darkest times in my life. I had a depressive episode brought on by serious confusion in my life. I had moved 3 times in a short space of time, I was unsure about my career and was losing motivation.

Out of the blue, I got a Facebook message from Thomas saying that he’d qualified, had much more experience under his belt and as offered months previous, he said the complimentary session was there for me if I’d find value in it. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Over my sessions with Thomas, I was guided through what my actual goals in life are and how I can best position myself to achieve them. Thomas is an extremely empathetic and understanding person who you instantly know you can trust. He’s a brilliant listener and immediately put me at ease. I felt comfortable enough to share the thoughts and feelings about my life path that I was too afraid to open up to my friends about. He didn’t probe or pry for information, he just gave me a space to share.

Coaching with Thomas is affirming, comforting and energising - he offers coaching that helps you find the best way forward, with the best possible plan to suit you. He’s also conscious of, and committed to, giving people value for money. I got huge benefits from our sessions which were well worth the investment. I can now happily say that the adjustments I made based on Thomas’ coaching have put me on a focused track to success. I’m getting happier in myself and in my professional life every day.

John, Actor

The one to one coaching I had with Thomas had a real impact on my life. The relaxed nature of the session helped me to open up and identify areas of my life that are meaningful to me and where I wanted to focus my energy.

Thomas’ coaching helped me to prioritise and structure my goals in order to get on the right track to where I wanted to go. Ever since I started going to Thomas for coaching, I've never looked back. Thomas' coaching had an instant impact on the quality of my life, and what I wanted to do with it.

Thomas is a truly authentic person and a very professional coach. I'd highly recommend Thomas to anyone who needs a little help in finding their way, and figuring out how to get there. He's incredible at what he does!

Barry, Social Care Worker